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Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking out the time to reach out and obtain your copy of the documents mentioned during the presentation. It was an honor speaking about God Attachment and how our perception of ourselves, others, and the world can influence our perceptions of God. If you believe that you may need additional help better understanding your unique style of interacting and relating to God and enhancing the quality of your relationships and life overall, please reach out to Free Again by using the contact form on this page to receive a free consultation regarding our services. Our staff would be delighted to be of support to you and helping to connect you with one of our talented and anointed Clinicians and Professional Coaches, including myself.

 I have provided you with a God Attachment Inventory (AGI) and scoring sheet developed by Richard Beck and Angie McDonald. In addition to two peer-reviewed articles that provide the scientific foundation of the AGI corresponding with God Attachment Theory.

 I have also provided you with an informal questionnaire originally developed by Diane Poole Heller with minor adaptations including naming the different styles based on the presentation.

Remember that when taking both the AGI and informal attachment questionnaire to recall a time when you were in crisis and recall the ways in which you thought, related, and interacted with yourself, others, and God.

Lastly, I have developed “Attachment Declarations” as a means of encouraging you to proclaim and believe about yourself and others in the context of your relationship with God. If you want to take the document to the next level, I encourage you to locate scriptures regarding some of the declarations that were most impactful to you and to wrap your heart about God’s truths found in His promises. I would be delighted to learn of how the Word specifically spoke to you and the scriptures that you have chosen to represent the four different factors quadrants of attachment to God. Please feel free to reach out to us with your findings along with any comments and questions.




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God Attachment Inventory (AGI) and scoring sheet

Two Dimensions of Attachment To God

Wade C Rowatt & Lee A. Kirkpatrick

God Attachment Inventory

Richard Beck

Adult Attachment Questionnaire

Diane Poole

God Attachment Declarations

Dr. Soha Gonzalez