Clinical Opportunities

A little about us.

Free Again is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mental health & life center. Our mission is to empower people to live empowered lives, including our providers.

Our team of passionate professionals are highly trained in an an array of researched-based treatment modalities to provide optimal and life lasting results. We use an innovative approach and utilize cutting edge technology to meet the needs of our clients to provide greater access to services including mental health, spiritual direction, consultation, and motivational coaching. We provide professional training opportunities and community outreach services to help promote the emotional, spiritual, and relational health and well-being of surrounding communities. We further strive to empower schools, organizations, and small businesses through our consultative and coaching sessions in order to inspire, motivate and promote empowering success.

Who we’re looking for

Our goal at FAC is to empower our clinicians to focus on exceptional patient care while maintaining work-life balance. As such, we honor our commitment to reducing the administrative tasks and excessive paperwork that is often demanded of employees at nonprofit organizations. We have limited staff meetings, do not require unnecessary training events, offer flex scheduling with the goal of reducing retention rates, and burn out.

Ultimately, We are looking for a full time clinician earning a salary commensurate with your license, professional experience and certification, based on a caseload of 20-25 patients per week.  Successful candidates must undergo a background check, as well as the credentialing and contracting process with various insurance panels.  An offer of full time employment will be extended once the candidate has been fully credentialed and there is a caseload of 20-25 cases per week scheduled.  Until that time, candidates may participate on a contract basis.  Candidates may accelerate this process by securing additional cash-pay clients/patients to build their own caseload.

Step 1

Open and complete the employment application.  Then save the application with your information by PRINTING to a PDF file.

Step 2

Complete the interest card below and attach both your Employment Application AND your CV in their respective fields